HDC Guiding Principles:

Our guiding principles spell out how we translate values of democracy into our work with one another and our partners to achieve our mission. 


We are committed as individuals and collectively to collaborate collegially across geographies, expertise and experiences toward achievement of our mission. 


We place priority on our partners worldwide as the centerpiece of our global mission and programming, as they are the experts on their own experience. We are open to working with all civic and political actors that support peaceful democratic change.  Empowering them is the key for democracy and freedom to prevail. 


We strive individually and collectively for excellence through research-based innovation and thought leadership, creatively learning and adapting based on evidence and respect for local context.  


We are individually and collectively responsible for our behaviors, actions, and the consequences of our actions to each other and to anyone with whom we interact. We act at all times in ways that promote the security and well being of our colleagues as well as those who support or benefit from our work, adhering to “do no harm” principles.


We conduct our work based on the ethics of honesty and openness free from conflicts of interest and in the service of our mission. 


We respect all political views and act with humility. We treat our colleagues and all persons with whom we interact with dignity.HDC is committed to ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are reflected in all aspects of the Institute’s work, including in the delivery or execution of HDC’s public-facing events such as panels, webinars, and international delegations.HDC will seek to proactively secure diversity (e.g. racial, ethnic, gender, disability, etc.) among participants, whether they are speakers, panellists, audience members, or involved in some other capacity or role. HDC also will proactively seek to engage and include members of marginalized or impacted groups whose life experiences would add value to topical discussions so their voices are included and amplified as part of our work.

HDC Basic Operating Principles (BOPs)

  • We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, class, creed, colour, religion, sex and the region.
  • We do not perform/entertain any activity that either favours or adversely affect particular religious, political and socio-cultural sects.
  • We do follow ‘DO NO HARM’ principle.
  • We adhere to the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.
  • We do not provide donations or contribution to political parties or political institutions.
  • We do not engage in profit-making activities.
  • We strongly believe in honesty, sincerity, competence and professionalism.
  • We respect universally accepted principles of human rights, social justice and equity.
  • We are committed to the promotion, protection and empowerment of the people.
  • We do not allow our resources to be used merely for political, bureaucratic, religious or cultural organisations’ benefit.
  • We work in partnership, coordination and collaboration with people and other relevant stakeholders.
  • We accept constructive feedback and criticism.
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